Friday, September 9, 2011

Morning Hike on the Los Robles Trail

Today I took a nice long hike in the morning starting at the end of Moorpark Road. I met up with the Los Robles Trail and took it East (left). The trail climbs steadily for a while on a wide dirt trail. I didn't realize it was climbing as high as it was until I turned around and saw the valley below. I reached a picnic bench and followed the sign to the right. The trail climbs steeper than before and continues up to the top of the mountain. I took the scenic loop and stopped at a bench to take in the view of Thousand Oaks. After a few minutes I moved along the trail. I diverted once more to the top of another peak for another view. The view of the valley behind the mountain is wonderful here. There are some open fields with an occasional lone oak tree. Eventually I stopped at a nice bench under an oak and ate some snacks. After a little rest I went along the trail to a junction with an unmaintained trail. The map showed this to connect back with the LRT after a little more than a mile. The climb back to the LRT was hot and steep, but was over quickly. I followed my original route back to the trailhead, skipping the scenic loop this time.

I borrowed my brother's large hydration backpack for this hike and was very pleased with the way it worked out. It held 4 liters of water (2 in the bladder and 2 of my Platypus bottles), a jacket, and the snacks I needed. I was glad to be able to utilize the trekking poles more than on the Big Sycamore Trail. I found it easy to get into a rythem with them. My boots did not give me any issues today. I was carrying far less weight, was on dirt, and had my thicker socks on. I am sure using the trekking poles helped too. I still think I'll end up replacing the stock insoles for my boots eventually. 

According to the trail map, I hiked around 7 miles today. The SPOT page shows it as fewer, but is is counting miles as the crow flies between waypoints, not trail miles. I felt good after the hike, I could have gone a few more miles, but I needed to get home. I am going to try and start earlier for my next long hike and try and get around 10 miles in. I think a through hike of the LRT should be in the plans as well. You can follow the widgets to see the hike with my SPOT.

Los Robles Trail East

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