Monday, September 12, 2011

San Gorgonio Mountain

My next overnight trip is planned for 9-24&25. It is a trek up to the summit of the highest peak in Southern California at around 11,500 feet. I had came up with the plans late for this hike and was unable to get the campsite I wanted at High Creek which is around 5 miles into the hike, and 3 miles from the Summit. The options that were left over were Summit Camp and Halfway camp. Halfway camp is much less than half of the way up, and Summit Camp is... you guessed it, on the summit. Summit Camp has no water, so all water will have to be carried from High Creek to our site on the Summit.

I am considering changing plans for this hike and coming back next year when I can get the camp I am looking for. I want to go farther than Halfway Camp on the first night, but not to the Summit. I am concerned about the sudden increase in altitude. I live at around 700 feet and the hike starts at around 6000 feet. Altitude has never really effected me in a bad way, but going from 700 feet to 11,500 in a single day concerns me a little. I mad the reservation for Summit camp, but I am thinking I am going to change it to Halfway Camp at the very least if not change the trip altogether.

This is a good practice hike to take, due to the altitude increase. I have heard that many people will do this hike in a day as a practice for hiking Mt. Whitney. I will make my final decision about the trip within a few days so I can prepare for the replacement trip.

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